BMW Planning 1M Successor

When BMW launched its 1-Series M back in 2010, the brand never expected the limited specialty model to become such a hit with the youngsters. Originally only expected to run at 2,700 units, the 1M soon turned into 6,331 units by 2012. But now, as the 1M has become known as an instant classic- and you can actually now find a used one worth as much as it was brand new in 2010- BMW says that they plan to build on the momentum that was the 1-Sereis M with a succeeding new model. PHOTOS: See more of the BMW 1-Series M Coupe BMW hasn't said exactly how it will follow up to the much-loved sportscar, but we do know for sure- from the words of BMW M boss Dr. Nitschke himself: "we will build a successor." Source: BMW Blog