Lamborghini Aventador Transformed into Lamb-ousine

Lincoln Town Cars? Blah. Hummer stretch limo? Meh. Lamborghini Aventadors? Now you're speaking my language. That's right, a Lamborghini Aventador turned into a lady-killing limousine. Because why the hell not. A company called Cars for Stars is taking the standard limousine blueprint, and giving it a full overhaul Lamborghini style. As of now, the idea sits as a concept waiting for the right investor, but in this video, you can see how the Limoghini would sport quad- count 'em- four Lamborghini doors, an Aventador front and rear end and a mini wine bar on the inside.! Strange. But we know if you were taking your prom date around in this, the chances are quite high that you would score. High fives all around. Source: Stars for Cars via