eBay Car Of The Week: Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen Convertible

There is something so enthralling about Mercedes-Benz G-Wagens. We should have rejected them the way that we did the Hummer brand, but something about its hyper-luxury exclusivity kept it around. Of the G-Wagens throughout the years, perhaps some of the most coveted are the 2-door convertible models. Like a Mercedes-Jeep Wrangler, these vehicles are the best of both worlds and a forbidden fruit. This particular model is even more rare, as the owner converted the front end to that of a 2012 G-Class, complete with LED running lights, and the chrome spare tire cover. The body and the wheels have all been painted matte black. We have to imagine this was more out of necessity, and not because matte is the IN color right now. PHOTOS: See more of the 1980 Mercedes-Benz G-Class Coupe/Convertible There is a bit of shadiness regarding the year. The owner says the car is a '95 and not an '80, as the US does not recognize his VIN or something. The vehicle is also registered in Ireland, but it is currently in Lithuania. So the whole thing sounds fishy, but if you are truly enamored with the idea of a rare 2-door G-Wagen, it can be yours. Bidding lasts just under seven hours, and the bid is at $29,950. You better act fast!