Pit-BUL Envisions a New, Safer Way to Stop Vehicles

If you have ever watched some of those wild police chases, spike strips are often used to stop vehicles. In some cases, those spike strips can stop a vehicle so abruptly that it can cause an accident, and potentially do more harm than the vehicle simply getting away. One company that has seen this danger and acted is Pacific Scientific. The tech company has developed a product called the Pit-BUL, and it appears to be a far safer method of stoping vehicles. The "BUL" in the Pit-BUL name stands for Ballistic Undercarriage Lanyard. Unlike a conventional spike strip, the Pit-BUL latches a net onto each of the front wheels, bringing the vehicle safely to a stop. See it in action below:
As you can see, the net deploys, locking up the front wheels. Once that happens, all the back wheels can do is burn rubber. The spikes that deploy the nets are retractable, and thus can be hidden from sight until the last moment. It will be interesting to see if and how these systems are adopted by local law enforcement, but it is encouraging to see safer ways of bringing vehicles to a stop.