Jaguar XK-I Concept Conjures Iconic Jags of the Past

Jaguar has gone to great lengths to reinvent its image. The past notion of large, comfortable sedans has been replaced with large, performance-minded sedans. While Jaguar has successfully managed to look to the future and reestablish itself, perhaps the brand could have stretched its scope to the past as well. One designer, Mudit Gupta, has brought Jaguar's past into the present with the XK-I concept car. Gupta created the XK-I concept during an internship at Tata ELXSI. If you recall, the Indian corporation owns Jaguar and Land Rover, though we don't suspect this concept coming to fruition any time soon. The XK-I most certainly pulls from Jaguar's past, specifically the iconic and gorgeous XK-SS. The car world may be fawning over the F-Type right now, but perhaps when Jag is ready to built a supercar, it can draw inspiration from this highly throwback exercise in car design. PHOTOS: See more of the Jaguar XK-I Concept