The image above shows Porsche has already commenced testing of the next-gen 911 even though it still has some derivatives to launch based on the current model, such as the mighty GT2. At the same time, work is well underway at the company’s very first pure electric model which was previewed by the rather stunning Mission E concept. Will the next 911 receive an all-electric version with tech derived from the Mission E? It won’t in the short-term, according to August Achleitner.

He’s the man in charge of 911 and 718 development and during his interview with Drive he said there’s not a market big enough to justify the existence of an electric or a hybrid 911. He added that although technically it’s possible, doing so would bring several disadvantages, including a substantially higher weight that would obviously affect the car’s performances. There’s also the matter of 911’s narrow layout which would prove to be tricky to accommodate an electric powertrain.

That being said, Achleitner isn’t ruling out the possibility of a hybrid or electric 911 in the long-term, mentioning that in ten years the situation could change and there could be enough reasons to justify an alternatively-powered 911.

As for the Mission E, the production version is expected to hit the roads around the end of the decade and we already know it will retain most of the concept’s specs and design, so there’s a lot to be excited about.


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