47K Subarus Recalled For Spontaneous Ignition

Imagine coming outside in the morning and your car is already running. That might be convenient, but…wait a second, you don't have remote start! How did the car turn on?! If you own one of more then 47,000 Subarus involved in a recall, it could be due to a potentially faulty remote starter. Effecting exactly 47,419 vehicles, the recall involves a number of 2010-2013 Legacy sedan and Outback wagons, 2012 and 2013 Imprezas and finally 2013 XV Crosstreks. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, if the key fob of a remote starter is dropped, it may start the engine unexpectedly. The car may run for 15 minutes, or can even start and stop running until the fob's battery runs dead or the car runs out of gas. Some may make a big deal of this, citing Subaru's safety-focused advertising campaign, but I've been covering safety recalls for a while. If the cars started up for no reason whatsoever, it might be a story, but starting by dropping the remote key fob? C'mon, how many time's have you dropped the TV remote and it's turned off the cable? Come back to me when the cars are starting up, without any prompting whatsoever, and are kidnapping your firstborn in the middle of the night. Until then, maybe just don't opt for remote starters in a Subaru for a while.