GGTR: Channelling the Gentleman Racer In All of Us

The Gentleman's Guide To Racing is a mission that we can all appreciate. Take away the contrived, in-your-face approach to motorsport, and bring back the gentleman racer. Well, the gentlemen in question, Michael "skiny" Power, Craig Bouman and Damon Way (former owner of DC Shoes) are hard at work, getting the racing part locked down. The trio are set to enter in the Mint 400, an endurance desert race with storied past. Here is a little teaser of their progress...
The original Mint 400 was an endurance off-road desert race, meant to promote the Mint Hotel and Casino, in Las Vegas. The hotel was owned by Del Webb, friend of Howard Hughes and notable builder. In 1967, a pair of near-identical dune buggies took to a 600-mile race from the Mint to the Sahara Hotel at Lake Tahoe. The race became a well-known rally, rivaling Baja in significance. The 1971 race was the backdrop for the Hunter S. Thompson work, "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas." The race continued for more than two decades, and even when the Mint was sold in 1988, the new ownership held the race in '88 and '89. The new management eventually put the brakes on the race, and it lay dormant for 20 years. In 2008, the Southern Nevada Off-Road Enthusiasts and General Tire resurrected the race, and for 2013, our two intrepid gentleman racers will follow in the footsteps of Mickey Thompson, Steve McQueen, Al Unser, and many more fearless drivers, as they take to the 2013 Mint 400.

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