Pantless Drunk Woman Tried to Flee From Cops in a Power Wheels

Yes, you read that correctly. A 28 year old Arkansas woman was arrested earlier this week after getting plastered and taking to the wheel of a young boy's Power Wheels toy truck. Gotta love the Midwest. That in of itself wasn't the source of the arrest. No, first, the woman crashed her Pontiac Grand Am into a trailer, took off her pants at some point (or was she even wearing them in the first place?) and then burnt rubber in the battery-powered toy until the cops caught up with her. At .217, we'd say that she was a bit more than buzzed- actually, three times the legal limit in Arkansas. Obviously, she's being charged with disorderly conduct, DUI and driving with a suspended license. In short, she's being charged with being a total drunk asshat, of course. Source: KTLA

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