LEGO Spill Shuts Down West Virginia Highway

Aside from hot coals, rusty nails and acid, LEGOs are a foot's worst enemy. But what about your car's tires? Well, as some West Virginia drivers found out first hand, the bricks may make for some pretty sketchy driving conditions. At around 5:15 this past Sunday, WDTV reported, one lane of I-79 around mile marker 117 in Harrison County, West Virginia, was shut down due to an unforeseen LEGO spill. Oh the humanity! While it wasn't the fault of any LEGO-moving semi, Facebook user Tiffany Lantz responded to the comments saying, "those legos belonged to my 11 yr old son they where in totes strapped to the top of the durango they fell off strap came loose he cried it seemed like forever but I tried to recover as many as I could cause I don't have the money to buy him anymore…sorry to anyone that got stuck in traffic." Since then, we assume the LEGOs have been removed from the road, but more importantly, let's get that kid some more LEGOs!