Toyota i-Road Concept Envisions Future of City Driving

There have been plenty of attempts at compact city cars. From Smart to Mini to Fiat, we've seen a lot, but nothing quite like this. The Toyota i-Road Concept features leaning wheels-and-cab and tandem seating, making it a very unique take on city driving. Toyota is calling it a "personal mobility vehicle," and it is really somewhere between a motorcycle and an actual car. What furthers that connection is a feature that Toyota calls "active lean." As the name suggests, the vehicle and wheels tilt into a turn. The two front wheels are powered by a 2-kilowatt electric motor, which receives juice from a lithium-ion battery pack. There is only five horsepower on tap, but it is a very light vehicle, and has a range of 30 miles. Additionally, it can be powered up in just three hours using a typical wall outlet. For daily city commuting, the i-Road Concept may be the answer. PHOTOS: See more of the Toyota I-Road Concept