Duo Steals Two Police Cars, Leads Police on Chase in Philly

Two suspects are in custody after a wild police chase in Philadelphia that involved not one, but two stolen police cars. Lets see if we can make sense of this one…When a police cruiser made a routine traffic stop on Tuesday morning, a male and a female hopped into the cruiser and took off. The two suspects were not connected to the traffic stop, and when pulling away, they struck the officer with his own car. That was only part one of this tale. The duo took the cruiser over the Ben Franklin Bridge, eventually leading police on a chase through downtown Philly. The car was eventually stopped, but when the first suspect, Blake Bills was being apprehended, the second suspect, Shayna Sykes was able to hop into another cruiser and lead police on yet another chase. The image you see above is of Sykes at the wheel of the second cop car, and yes, those are flames coming from the back of the car. Below is the video of her sporadic driving.
Both Sykes and Bills were reported missing before the incident, and it is suspected that drug use was involved. Additionally, the pair have long criminal records and have a 7-month-old child together. You really cannot make this stuff up.