What's In a Name? Ferrari LaFerrari vs. Renault Le Car

When we first saw Ferrari's new Enzo-successor, we were amazed at its stunning lines and insanely aerodynamic shape. When we heard that its name was the Ferrari LaFerrari, all we could think of was "Le Car." The former is perhaps the most athletic and exotic car to date. The latter is a re-branding of the Renault 5, sold for the American market through American Motors. How much does a name play into a cars legacy? Let's stack these two against each other to find out. The Basics: LaFerrari: Mid-Engined Supercar, V12 Le Car: Front engined econo-box, I4 Powertrain: LaFerrari: 6.3L V12 (789-hp), plus Electric Motor (160-hp), (949-hp total output), HY-KERS regen braking, F1-style gearbox. Le Car: 1.4L I4 (55-hp total output), floor-mounted manual gearbox. Notable Performance Figures: LaFerrari: 0-60 in under three seconds. 217-mph top speed. Le Car: 28/35 MPG, based on the best-selling car in Europe. Shopped Against: LaFerrari: Lamborghini Veneno, Aston Martin One-77, Porsche 918 Le Car: Honda Civic, Volkswagen Rabbit, a bicycle Racing Chops: LaFerrari: Could enter an ALMS race without any modifications and place. Le Car: Unbelievably, it dominated the 1977 SCCA "Showroom Stock C" Class. Described As: LaFerrari: "Enzo-Successor" Le Car: "French Rabbit" Now, all we're waiting for is a head-to-head comparison between the Ferrari LaFerrari and a Le Car. It will happen, just you wait.