McLaren P1: Live Pre-Show Spy Photo

Today has been just supercar news, followed by more supercar news. After the latest Ferrari F150 teaser, and Lamborghini Veneno leak comes this. A live photo of the McLaren P1 on the show floor before the opening of the Geneva Motor Show. While less newsworthy than the previous two by nature, the more candid live shot does well to reveal how the P1 will lay upon the eyes in real life. The banana yellow color scheme leaves the P1 looking like the world's fastest Tonka truck, but it is still a fetching machine. Also important to note that this is the most 'real' we've seen the car. Up on a jack, front trunk open. It makes the car finally seem tangible, taking it from the near-concept status that it has been living in for the majority of its existence. We can't wait to see it in person! Source: Imgur