It's on sales on Ebay now with a buy it now price of $250,000, check it out now for new pics of the world's only stretched Ferrari

You may remember earlier this year we reported on a quite impressive work by a British Limousine company with the creation of a stretched Ferrari 360 Modena. The model was cut in half and stretched with an additional 3 meter compartment made of carbon fibre and can now seat up to 6 people in the rear compartment.  Despite the extra weight it is still capable of speeds up to 166mph.

Ferrari of course was less than impressed, and considered this frankenstein vehicle no longer worthy of their brand. They quickly pressed ahead with legal action against the limousine firm for infringing their trademark. Perhaps this has proved to be a bridge too far as the stretched 360 Modena can now be found on ebay for $250,000, and with it we get to see more pictures of the interior and exterior in detail.

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