Lamborghini Veneno Leaked: $4.6 Million and Fast

With all the talk of the Ferrari F150, talk of a new Lamborghini has been incredibly overlooked. Supposedly dubbed the "Veneno," this hypercar is set to receive a 6.5-liter V12, making a Lambo-worthy 740 horsepower. The folks over at GTSpirit got their hands on an image that is supposedly slated for a major magazine debut. We have to say, if this is a new car, it would be quite the fashion statement. More realistically, it is  a limited-run car for track use only, like the Sesto Elemento. The styling and coloring is pretty outlandish, even by Lamborghini standards. It is also rumored that it is going to be priced at £3.1 million ($4.6 million). Will we see what comes of the Lamborghini Veneno at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show? Perhaps, but only time will tell, and we'll have the report when the vehicle is officially announced. PHOTOS: See more of the Lamborghini Veneno