Is This the Geneva-Bound Spyker B6 Venator Concept?

Maybe. As Geneva inches closer by the minute, automakers are teasing and taunting every new show-bound vehicle and concept they could find. As we saw earlier this morning with the Kia Provo concept, now it looks like the 911-killing Spyker B6 "Venator"- meaning "hunter"- may have stepped out for a stroll in the spotlight as well. The original report stemming from the Wall Street Journal, they point out that the weight is at a rather light 3,080 pounds with a 375-hp V6. That means that both the 911 Carerra and B6 are producing just 8.21 pounds a piece, exactly. The B6 is expected to cost near the $160-$200,000 range and will take its design from Spykers of past (as seen here) when it takes the stage in Geneva on March 5th.