Mercedes-Benz G-Class 6X6: Awesome, Defined

The Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG is one hell of an SUV. It is one of those shouldn't-be-alive concoctions, combining incredible off-road chops with impossible on-road performance. But what if you wanted more of the off-roading that the G-Wagen is capable of? Then Stratastone Mercedes-Benz has the vehicle for you– a six-wheel, rock-crawling, desert-crushing Geländewagen.
I mean, holy hell- look at that! Could you imagine one of the Jonas Brothers tearing around the desert in this thing? Hell no! Given that it has six wheels and can jump small cars in a single bound, it might be an ideal car for Shaq, but again, no. This 6X6 G-Class should be treated like selling a rare Ferrari; the onus is on the seller to find a buyer who is going to treat it right. In this case, "treat it right," means abusing the hell out of it.