BMW MZ8 Envisions an M-Inspired Supercar

With the imminent debut of the BMW i8 hybrid supercar, there has been no shortage of rumblings and rumors surrounding the possibility of an M8 supercar. We've seen our fair share of concept cars in an attempt to manifest that rumor-milling. The latest is this, the MZ8. To celebrate the 40th anniversary of BMW Motorsport, Benjamin Baron and designer Christophe Jourd Hui have created this mid-engined marvel. It is claimed that the MZ8 is sculpted on top of the current BMW Z4, but where the Z4 is front engined, the MZ8's hypothetical powerplant lives behind the driver. Who cares about the details, look at the carbon fiber, twin-kidney grille! Check out the BMW M tricolors on the tire sidewalls! It's an epic design and hopefully one that inspires BMW to get going on a much-overdue supercar! PHOTOS: See more of the BMW MZ8 Concept