John Hennessey Tunes His Personal HPE300 Ford Focus ST [w/video]

You would think that John Hennessey- founder of Hennessey Performance- would be the proud owner of some of the fastest, most outrageous rides on the planet. Think again. In fact, the man built for speed is the proud owner of a rather docile Ford Focus ST. Stock, the front-drive, 252-hp hatch is in itself an extremely fun little car (read our review). But, thanks to a bit of help from his own shop, this custom hot hatch is a smidgen more performance-y than you would expect. On the outside, the candy red Focus is virtually stock. Underneath the hood though, a custom Hennessey HPE300 package brings the total output to near 300-hp, thanks to a revised ECU and cold-air intake system. The package for the ST is priced at $995 and Hennessey says it will be limited to only 300 units per year.

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