Video: Preview of a Diesel Jeep Wrangler

The 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee is rolling out with an optional diesel engine. We've driven it and we love it. The torque, the sound, it's all perfect. Diesel is the practical, stout source of power best suited to the Jeep name. 240 horsepower, 420 pound feet of torque, and over 700 miles of range on one tank of diesel? What's not to love. Well for one, the fact that you cannot get it in a Wrangler– the vehicle that is best suited for the diesel engine. It looks like that's all about to change. Wards Auto spoke with Jeep CEO, Mike Manley, who told Wards that a Wrangler Diesel was "on the radar." It was also stated that the success or failure of the diesel in the Grand Cherokee would determine the chances of that engine making its way into a Wrangler. Please note the video below. That is the diesel 3.0L V6 in the Grand Cherokee. Just look and listen, then picture that glorious engine in a Wrangler. CEOs of automakers don't just suggest that a product is "on the radar." They know full well if a product is in the pipeline or not. That "maybe" from Manley was a "Yes."
Photo/Video: George Kennedy for BoldRide