Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Bait-And-Switch?

Yesterday, we brought you speculation that General Motors might be planning an entry-level Corvette, slotted below the Stingray. Word is that it will have 400 horsepower, a smaller price tag, and more traditional styling (i.e. ditching all the vents). My first thought was, “Um, why wasn’t this the original plan for the C7?” Perhaps it always was. It is very possible that GM had this entry-level Corvette Coupe lined up and ready to debut, but wanted to test the waters, seeing how far they could push the boundaries of Corvette design. The traditionalists scoffed at the busy, vent-riddled Corvette Stingray, then this tale of a more staid Vette, targeting the fat, middle-aged, bald white guy market with a less powerful car and a lower price take. So, after the, ahem, polarized response from the Stingray, it just so happens that GM has been working on the Corvette that will best appease the masses? Just in the nick of time like that? Seems to perfect. GM is not known for being that responsive, and so one must conclude that GM knew the Stingray was going to ruffle some feathers, lower the expectations, and BAM, you debut the true C7 entry vehicle, and it becomes a sales success. Well played. PHOTOS: See more of the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray