Car Transport Out of Control, Avoids Multiple Crashes

We imagine this had to be a harrowing experience for everyone in the vicinity. (Also, definitely in Russia) A car transport, hauling what looks like to be brand new Kias, approaches stopped traffic, but the driver must have been texting or something, and didn't slam on the brakes until the very last moment. What happens next, well, you should just watch...
At first glance, you can see the pedestrian, and may think to yourself, "typical, some asshole just crossing the highway." Then you may notice the fact that the stop lights are red, and that this trucker was passing the car recording the incident on the right side. It is under review of these two facts that it can be determined that the driver of this truck is, in fact, an asshat. But he is also an asshat that managed to avoid hitting every vehicle that was in front of him– an impressive feat. No matter, the sight of an out-of-control semi and downed power lines had to be startling for all those on the road at the time.

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