DJ Afrojack Wrecks His Ferrari 458 and Doesn't Give a Damn

Dutch DJ Nick van de Wall- aka Afrojack- has a taste for all things expensive and exotic. And why not? He's rich and young and probably has a lot of the sex. And strangley enough, we even showed you a few days back that he actually has pretty decent taste when it comes to styling Audi R8's. But just because you can own it, sure as hell don't mean you can drive it. Exhibit A: this wrecked Ferrari 458 Italia. Which he purchased/borrowed/rented/stole only an hour before said wreck. Yup, sixty whole minutes. After some harsh criticism for the crash, he tweeted: "For everyone thats asking me why im smiling: it's a car, I have a great family and just as great fans!! love all of you!" ...Good for him; although, we think the smirk might also have something to do with the fact that he has a lot of money to blow. As you can plainly see with the gentleman next to him (his manager) sporting a "Billionaire Boys Club" t-shirt. Oh, to be young and stupid... Source: