Tweet at This Vending Machine, Receive Hot Wheels Camaro

"Dude, can I borrow a tweet? There's a vending machine over there!" Not exactly what you'd expect to hear upon the sight of a vending machine, but this is no ordinary vending machine. This custom unit was worked over by the folks at TrojanOne, and no, it does not dispense condoms. Better– upon receipt of a tweet it will dispense a Hot Wheels Camaro!
Stationed at the Chevy booth at the Canadian International Auto Show (they have an auto show?!), all you had to do was tweet @HotWheelsCanada, with the hashtag #ChevyCIAS. As long as location services were turned on your phone, the machine could determine if you were next to it and dispense the model Chevrolet Camaro. The bounty of this endeavor was one of two Hot Wheels Camaros. We'd say that's worth the tweet! Source: Gizmag via Hot TrojanOne