Video: Cadillac Showcases Suite of Safety Equipment

The Cadillac ATS is one of the more talked about cars of 2013 already. The tight steering and potent turbocharged powerplant have garnered a heap of praise from the motoring press. While performance may be the dream, the reality when driving a car like the ATS on a daily basis is probably sitting in traffic and navigating a parking lot. In those instances, Cadillac also has you covered. I've driven the ATS on the track, and its big brother XTS for a week on public roads. Both vehicles have adaptive cruise control, that matches the speed of the vehicle in front of it. According to this video, you can even go through a toll booth without disengaging it: These systems are on the ATS. XTS, and SRX crossover. They also have the safety alert seat, which has buzzers on all four sides of the driver's seat cushion. When the vehicle is getting close to the forward object, the front of the seat cushion rumbles. When veering out of the lane to the left, the left side of the cushion rumbles, and so on. It is surprising at first, but once one gets the hang of it, is incredibly intuitive– probably the best safety alert system from a human/machine interface aspect.