Nevada Proposing 85 MPH Speed Limit

Late last year, Texas opened up a stretch of highway with a maximum speed limit of 85 MPH. It was met with some resistance and the fear of accidents, but that hasn't stopped other states from jumping on the high-speed bandwagon. A Nevada State Senator has introduced legislation that would raise the speed limit to 85 MPG in certain areas of his state's highway system. Senator Don Gustavson concedes that people travel at such speeds anyways, and this speed limit would bring technicality in sync with reality. While the bill may be passed for low-traffic roads, it most certainly will not apply to the I-15 corridor that takes travelers from Los Angeles to Vegas. The road is simply too heavily traveled, and the higher speeds would most certainly result in an increase in accidents. If passed, the bill would allow for select roads in Nevada to match the 85-MPH speed limit of highway 130 in Texas, and exceed the 80-MPH limit found in select roads in Utah. Finally, getting through the sparse expanses of the American West is getting a little quicker- Manifest Destiny people!