RS 4 Avant Paintball is Audi's Idea of a Good Time

Paintball seems like a fun enough sport– when you were 13. Once you've grown out of braces, you should have also grown out of paintball. The folks at Audi may have created an exception to that– playing paintball with a pair of Audi RS 4 Avants. My first recaction is: Oh my, those are sexy cars. My second reaction: sweet unholy babies, they're going to shoot paintballs at them! Oh the humanity! (or perhaps "Oh the Avanti!") Click on the video below, and try not to think of how this could have been in your driveway, and not collacteral damage in some Audi marketing stunt.
After watching, I have to admit, that was fun. Paint slicks? Paint grenades? Great stuff. What did it prove about the RS 4 Avant? Who cares! Though we would prefer next time that if an automaker is to make a promotional video using paintball guns, to use a jalopy from the salvage yard and not one of the most sought-after performance wagons in the world.