Nissan GT-R Heating Up With Nismo Spec

Nissan's venerable Nismo performance division has long been the source for all things sexy Japanese performance. Toughening up the sometimes bland Nissan lineup, the group has delivered tasteful yet potent performance upgrades since 1984. Now, after dropping any Le Mans series dreams and struggling to find its identity as a brand, Nismo finally opened up a new Yokohama facility earlier this week. Along with this news, they promised even more Nismo offerings in the Nissan lineup, including a hotter, sexier, dirtier Nissan GT-R. The upcoming GT-R Nismo shouldn't be anywhere near the current $400K asking price on the Nismo GT3 Racer (pictured), but, it will most definitely uppercut the current $100K price tag by a solid few (ed. dozen) grand. Technically, won't get any other details before its release within the next year or so…hopefully.

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