Gemballa 12C GT Spider is a Modest McLaren

Some people simply cannot be satisfied. For them, the world is not enough, and neither are the world's most exquisite supercars. When a world-class performance machine simply will not do, the folks at Gemballa have you covered. Simply put, they take supercars, and go to town on them. The results are, um, polarizing in some cases, but bold, down to the last car. The group's latest creation is the McLaren 12C GT Spider. Based on the drop-top version of McLaren's mid-engined supercar, the 12C GT is actually a rather staid project compared to Gemballa's other offerings. The car receives a carbon fiber aero kit, new interior trim, and new GForged-one lightweight alloy rims. The carbon fiber aero kit is said to fit seamlessly with the factory mounting points. It includes front and rear fascias and side skirts. Meanwhile, the 20-inch front, and 21-inch rear wheels are light enough that they do not effect the unsprung weight, even with the added size. The Gemballa 12C GT Spider will be on display at the Geneva Motor Show next week. It is good to see the company have a life after the mysterious death of Uwe Gemballa. In 2010 the founder of the company was shot dead in South Africa. Details on his demise have been sparse, but it is believed that it stemmed from a money laundering operation gone awry. At any rate, the company that bears his name lives on, making impressive cars like this. PHOTOS: See more of the Gemballa McLaren 12C GT Spider