New Grey Poupon Ad Features Car Chase, Champagne Cannon

Of course you remember the old Grey Poupon ads. One wealthy gentleman in a Rolls-Royce pulls up next to another wealthy gentleman in a Rolls-Royce. One asks the other for a jar of Grey Poupon (a very strange concept, now that we're reflecting on it), and that's the end of it. What if it wasn't? What if the one incredibly wealthy gentleman became inconsolable over the departure of his beloved mustard? Entitled, "The Lost Footage," this TV spot aired last night during the Oscars. It is a clever and sensationalistic approach on what was once a staid, yet heavily lampooned ad:
Clever, we have to admit. Champagne cannons, caviar slicks and a Fabergé egg grenade? We can dig all of these things. Perhaps they can be found in the long list of standard equipment in the next Rolls-Royce Phantom.