Days of Thunder: The Only NASCAR We're Watching Today

With all the great auto racing that goes uncovered throughout the world, we're sticking to our viewing blackout of the five-toothed hoedown also known as the Daytona 500. That doesn't mean we can't enjoy a movie about NASCAR. "Days of Thunder" is a masterpiece. This film has it all– Tony Scott, Tom Cruise, Robert Duval and a score by Hans Zimmer. It's about all the NASCAR we can take, and given to us in epic action movie fashion. "Ricky Bobby" never did as good a job of lampooning NASCAR culture, and "Days" wasn't even trying! Here are the opening credits:
How much does that get you jacked-up?! After watching it once today, we were almost tempted to change the channel to the Daytona 500...ALMOST!