Prancing Horse: The Car World Gets Its Own Meme?

You may or may not read the Chive. It is a stupendous resource for catching up on the world of bros. They have a following, and their following enjoys a funny little meme. There's no real name to the meme, which is a bit refreshing, since its a *%^ing meme and not a central African revolutionary front. All you have to do is take a photo of yourself with a horse mask on. The increasingly unique situations in which said horse mask is worn has resulted in some hilarious outcomes. Our favorite is clearly the one shown above. This equestrian impostor has ingeniously placed himself (we're assuming male, because its the Chive, and he's not in lingerie), in between the Ferrari 458 Italia and the "Prancing Horse" logo. It got us thinking: could this start a new trend? If this became its own offshoot meme into the automotive realm, there are one of two ways it could potentially go: 1.) Prancing: Continue the horse-face maneuver in front of Ferraris. We would do it. We would spend the entire NYIAS going around Manhattan doing it. We'll do it do... 2.) Branding: Pose in front of a car with a likeness of either said brand's logo, or a significant personality to that brand. Dressing up as Dr. Z in front of a Mercedes-Benz? A bull-mask in front of a Lamborghini? This one would be far harder to catch on, but the payout would be the test of creativity required to pull one off successfully. Got any ideas for this one? Could it catch on? Tell us in the comments. Source: The Chive