28 Injured in NASCAR Crash

Unless you've been living under a rock, even those who don't follow NASCAR have learned of the massive crash at Daytona's Nationwide Series race. Fans always wait for "The Big One," but some got more than they bargained for, as 28 spectators were injured. In a scene from Final Destinations...like eighteen, or something, a tire even landed several rows up in the stands. It was quite the scare. Here is the ESPN recap of the crash. This is likely the scene that many of you have already seen.
But this was the fan-made video. It reveals the NASCAR crash in more detail, including where the wheel lands, and an injured woman:
Strangely, NASCAR tried to take down the video through copyright infringement, which is a pile of manure. NASCAR can't take down a fan-made video. If they could, it would bring in a very Orwellian era in eyewitness journalism. Not to make little of the 28 injured, but that was the scarier crash yesterday– the temporary undoing of the first amendment.