2014 Jeep Cherokee Returns with a Polarizing Face

If you are a Jeep enthusiast, the last decade has been one of mixed emotions. At first, it looked like the brand was losing its way. With the Compass and the Patriot, the brand was succumbing to the crossover boom. That might work if you're Toyota, but when your entire brand is based on heritage and off-road prowess, a vehicle that shares a platform with the Dodge Caliber just won't fly. To bridge old and new with a brand like Jeep, you have to be prepared to think bold, and thankfully, it looks like that time has come for one of the great Jeep names– the Cherokee. As you can see above, the 2014 Jeep Cherokee is an extremely polarizing design. It looks nothing like the old Cherokee.  We're not worried about that. We're seeing similar ties to the Jeep Grand Cherokee, an elevated ride height, and what looks like the same removable lower front clip. Rumors have been swirling, and there may be a small-displacement turbocharged diesel engine in the mix, as well as a smaller V6. It all comes down to this: regardless of appearance, if the Cherokee has the off-road chops of its namesake, we will have ourselves the return of a king. PHOTOS: See more of the 2014 Jeep Cherokee