1993 DTM footage gets the Slow-Motion treatment

FACT: Everything is better in slow-motion. Professional drivers racing in anger in slow motion? Probably the best. DTM, or Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters, is Germany’s premiere race class. The cars resemble your average German sedan on the outside but that is where similarities stop. At their high point, DTM cars were described as Formula 1 cars with full-body shells. In fact some F1 greats (Mika Hakkinen or example) and not so greats (Ralph Schumacher) have moved to DTM after F1 as a retirement job. Beats a “Gone Fishin” sign. Watch in amazement as this classic footage from the ’93 DTM season will give you goosebumps. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OOBB_GPAmSo For all you watching the Daytona 500 today, this is real racing. It has improved the breed, and in 1993, these cars were more advanced than a Chevy SS NASCAR is today. Food for thought.