So That Plow Truck Driver Has Been Fired

We don't really know what to feel about this. Remember that video we showed you of the plow truck driver being an asshat, and making fun of the people that he was plowing in? Well, via many outlets, that video went viral, and our intrepit master of the movable snow must have gotten spooked by the prospect of termination. It was too late, and after much coverage, the man who calls himself Dogg has since been fired. Now, we certainly thought he was a jerk for making the video, but fired? That might have been a little much. Now, it was probably the local TV station's involvement that led to his firing, but we can't help feel bad for a guy that really wasn't doing anything wrong. OK, well he was holding his cell while driving a massive plow truck. So there's that. Also, the fact that we feel bad in the first place is that bit of karma that perhaps Dogg now understands. Source: WCVB