Mazda Commits to Future Rotary, RX-7 in the Works?

With the end of production of Mazda's RX-8 sportscar only last year, this also meant the end of production for its highly touted Wankel rotary engine. Seen previously on a number of Mazda models in the past (i.e.: RX-7), with age, the tiny rotary started to fall behind in both power and efficiency. Now though, as Mazda forms more of an identity with an onslaught of new vehicles, reports indicate that the Wankel isn't dead at all. In fact, very far from it. A Mazda engineer recently sat down with Autocar and told of plans for the company to restart production of the rotary engine within five years, with a naturally aspirated and turbocharged version available. That is, if everything goes according to plan. While there is no official word where the new Wankel will be placed if produced, Mazda's idea for an RX-7 halo car in honor of its 50th anniversary (as we reported back in November) could bear the all-new engine and close to 300-hp. We hope so.