No Chevy SS For You, Canada

Aside from the Corvette, we assume Chevy is pretty proud of its latest rear-drive platform in the SS. The massive 6.2L V8 is good for an impressive 415-hp and it even manages 60 mph in about five seconds. Sounds great, only problem is, not everyone is so receptive of the all-new American muscle sedan. As we reported earlier this week, the Chevy SS has already been banned- that's right, banned, from being sold in Israel due to the SS moniker's resemblance of WWII era Nazi persona. But now, new reports from The Globe and Mail state that the SS won't even be heading north of the border to our friends in Canada. While neither Chevy nor Canada has given any reasoning as to why, we know the SS will be on sale in the U.S. come the fourth quarter of this year. Sorry, Canadians.