Video: Aston Martin Racing (AMR-TRG) Debuts Vantage GT4 at Daytona

We showed you last week how AMR-TRG (Aston Martin Racing/The Racer's Group) wanted you, the fan, to design their next GT3 race car. While the decision has yet to be made on the final design, AMR-TRG went ahead and ran its GT4 car at Daytona Motor Speedway. Here is epic video of that experience.

The all-white Aston Martin is the first car produced by the new partnership. The Vantage will be the first vehicle the team races in the upcoming GT4 season. As the very cool graphics inform us, the racer bears a set of magnesium racing wheels, a six-speed manual transmission, a single Recaro bucket seat (of course), a gran-am approved roll cage and an Aston-Martin 4.7L V8. Watch as this Aston as it takes to the track for the first time in 2013.