You Will Not Stop Watching Supercar Crash Compilation

Entertainingly addictive. There is no other way to describe this video compilation, simply titled "Supercar Crash Compilation." The video is nearly 29 minutes long, and you WILL watch the whole thing. We would have reported on it 28 minutes and 75 seconds earlier, but we had to watch it a second time. Many of these videos have been making the rounds, but to have them all in one place for your viewing enjoyment is what the internet is all about. Granted, a lot of these either take place on the track, or are actual motorsport craches, but technically they are all models of various supercars. Considering we've seen a lot of the worst crashes here, it is to our knowledge that everyone walked away from these accidents. Some of our favorite crashes are the supercar rallies, where a string of cars is being led by a police escort. How dumb do you have to be to drive a supercar recklessly? The stupidity is not for the exclusive and rich, as plenty of these crashes are Mustangs, but far more are Corvette owners. It's okay, though, because they are Corvette owners and no one expects anything more from Corvette owners.