Driver Walks Away From Epic Dragster Crash at Pomona

We usually don't cover drag racing at BoldRide, but last night I watched highlights of this weekend's NHRA action at Pomona, CA and saw this very scary moment. In the second elimination round, driver Anton Brown's top-fuel dragster blew an engine, and when top-fuels blow engines, it is seldom subdued. Once the engine freed itself of its earthly bounds, it sent Brown's dragster careening out of control, sliding to the opposite side of the strip, then back to his side, finally coming to rest in the sand traps at the end of the track. Brown was able to walk away, and said of the event, "My back is a little sore, but overall, I feel good." It is a credit to the incredible safety measures taken by NHRA teams in prepping this insanely fast and terribly dangerous cars. It is also a credit to the safety crews that arrived almost the moment the car came to rest. One last note: the hooting and hollering from the stands during the crash pretty much sums up every assumption I have about drag racing and its fans.