Toyota GT 86 Convertible Spotted

We told you it was coming. We showed you the early sketches, and deep down, you knew it was coming too. The Scion FR-S Convertible has been one of the worst-kept secrets in the automotive realm, but here is the supposed first glimpses of it in the flesh (sheet metal). These spy photos from Downshift Auto actually show a Toyota GT 86 with its top chopped. The folks at Toyota are either filming it or preparing to give it a shakedown, because everyone is up in its business. The trunk is up and the top is down, so we really have no clue as to what it looks like with the top up. It is generally accepted that, due to the sporting nature of the drift-happy Toyobaru, the GT 86 convertible will feature a cloth top as opposed to a retractable hard top. We have to admit that there is a bit of Lexus IS Convertible in the rear hump, but that could be expected with the contribution of Toyota DNA. Even with the weight gains from adding structural rigidity, it will still drive better than most cars on the road.