This 12 y.o. Drives Better Than You

It's always a little depressing when someone younger than you is far more accomplished in their time on this planet. In the world of motoring, that person would by Dylan Murry. The 12 year old is the 2011 World Karing Association Class Champion and the 2010 Andretti Pro Cup Carking League Champion. Yeah, chances are, Dylan is a much better driver than you. The excellent web series DRIVE caught up with Dylan at Atlanta Motor Speedway, where he chronicled his already accomplished racing career. He has been doing this for four years, and now will be starting in the Legends series. Dylan says he desperately wants his drivers license and can't wait to get it. That notion alone gives pause and makes you realize how good of a racer he'll be in several years. Think about that the next time you suit up for a weekend SCCA race.