Lincoln Phaeton Concept is Rat-Rod Goodness

We've already shown you what Polish designer Jacek Koldziejcyk is capable of, with his epic Evo X Wagon. That bit of five-door goodness would make picking the kids up from soccer fun. With that in mind, this is the Iacoski Design car for the individual without a family, or who just doesn't want to be around them. This 1932 Lincoln Phaeton Hot-Rod Concept is the kind of thing you drew when you were 10, but extrapolated to unprecedented levels. With a low center of gravity, big, meaty performance tires, and a big ole blower, this is equal parts Deuce Coupe, Rat Rod, fighter plane, and all badass. We think that this car would be a great inspiration for the folks over at Factory Five. With their '33 Hot Rod, the MA-based project car company could possibly be the only folks on the planet to bring this to life! PHOTOS: See more of the 1932 Lincoln Phaeton Hot Rod Concept by Iacoski Design