Margaret Thatcher's Armored Bus Up For Auction

Sure you've heard of the Popemobile, and on Monday, we're going to profile the President's limo, but here is an example of an armored vehicle the likes of which we had not previously seen. The vehicle you see above is no ordinary bus. In fact, it is a 38-ton armored transport vehicle that served former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher for her trip to Northern Ireland. In the early 1980s, the tensions between the UK and the Irish Republican Army had peaked, resulting in hunger strikes, and bombing attacks. In 1985, Margaret Thatcher trekked to Northern Ireland to iron out the Anglo-Irish Agreement as an attempt to end the violence. It is believed that she traveled in this bus, which is to be auctioned off in Towcester, Northamptonshire, UK, next week. Here's what we know: It weighs 28 tons, can carry 35 passengers, can withstand a 7.62 round and has just 17.3K miles on the odometer. Additionally, it is powered by a 12-liter Rolls-Royce engine. This story comes from the BBC, who spoke with the auctioneer, Jonathan Humbert. In his words, the bus is, "An iron bus for the Iron Lady."