New Lamborghini Patent Filings Could Put Urus SUV Closer to Production

We all knew that Lamborghini was more than capable of designing a high-end luxury SUV, but it wasn't until the Urus SUV showed its face in Beijing last year, were we all convinced. Unfortunately, big brother VW wasn't all too keen on the idea and has since halted production until 2017, if that. But now, a light at the end of the tunnel could have the Urus creeping a bit closer to production than we originally thought. A new report form in China shows the patent images filed by Lamborghini in their target market of China. The images show a near identical example of the same concept we saw last year. Under the hood, the Urus will retain the Gallardo sourced V10 producing somewhere in the neighborhood of 600-hp when/if production gets the green light by Volkswagen.