Video: Tesla Model S Reviewed by The 'Verge'

We can genuinely say that this is the most unique review video of the Tesla Model S that we have seen thus far. Like any good avante garde review, it starts with the end, which consists of the occupants of the vehicle freaking out about the range left in the car, as the miles tick to zero. After that, they have you hooked. The review is from The Verge, which does all things tech and news, and was a different takew on the typical road test. For starters, it was not from one of the buff books (the major magazines, which we won't name here). As such, you did not have the same automotive tropes as you might find elsewhere. We can apprecaite that. The host, Chris Ziegler, did say YOLO, but we can overlook that for an otherwise entertaining review, that was able to exhibit the highs and the lows of driving a Tesla Models S in the real world. Job well done.