Lamborghini Unveiling V12 GT Car in Geneva

After recently announcing that Lamborghini would be preparing its fastest ever car for Geneva, reports now suggest that yet another new Lamborghini, in the form of a front-engined V12 GT, will be gracing the floor at the Geneva Motor Show. CEO Stephen Winkelmann told Edmunds that we will not only see "the fastest car Lamborghini has ever produced", but it will be paired alongside "something truly extraordinary that's based on the V12." News indicates that this V12 GT car will not be based on the Aventador, but will have two seats and two doors, diminishing the possibility of a production-ready four-door Estoque or Urus SUV. Rumors suggest that this could be Lamborghini's answer to the Ferrari F12berlinetta, with a forged carbon construction and all-wheel drive. No official news has been dropped, and Lamborghini won't release any official details until the premier in Geneva.