Volkswagen Tiguan Plays in the Snow

For many in the Northeast, the past weekend's storm was quite an ordeal. If you were able to sieze the moment, you probably had some fun sledding, or maybe even skiing down an unpaved road. The video below may not have been from "Blizzard 2013," but it is a great example of how to get it done in the snow. Take one Volkswagen Tiguan compact SUV, toss in a GoPro compact digital camera, and a pole and you have the makings for great parking lot hoonage. Though we reccomend only trying this in only the most sparsely populated of parking lots, this seems like heaps of fun. We'd prefer to do this with a rear-wheel drive car, but the 4Motion all-wheel drive of the Tiguan can be fun as well. If you play in the snow like this, make sure to send us your videos!